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Welcome to my deep healing meditation programme, Free To Heal!
In this guided meditations program you will dive deeply into self-healing processes using special meditations that will give you enormous relief and free you from pain, traumas, and the past.
You will receive a playlist of recorded meditations in a variety of themes and lengths (5-45 minutes) to help you build a daily routine of meditation practice that will provide incredible support for your mind, heart and spirit to let go of what needs to be released and build a healthy mind-body relationship, that will help you maintain your growth and make you stronger and live pain-free. 

Think of this course as your personal therapist. It will make you independent when it comes to your mental health! You will learn how to treat yourself emotionally and mentally, using those powerful meditation techniques, so that you can support yourself when you need it and require less assistance from outside sources.

♥ Over 360 minutes of recorded guided meditations for deep self-healing.
♥ 3 personal online sessions of 30m each – follow-up and live practice.
♥ 30% discount for full length live online classes (group/private)

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Welcome to my profound healing meditation program, Free To Heal! Embrace yourself, heal your emotional and physical pain, achieve inner balance and most importantly: create a routine of meditation practice that allows you to constantly support your growth and strengthen your soul.

Healing Pain With Breath Meditation

Learn how to use your breath to heal and relieve pain throughout the body.

Melt The Pain Away Meditation

This is a powerful meditation for overcoming trauma and relieving pain. It will help you dive deeper and find the source of the pain, as well as support you in releasing it and getting rid of it.

Heal & Love Your Inner Child Meditation

Meet yourself in a different
light, build a loving relationship with yourself, let go of fears and feel supported and guided.

Self-Love Meditation

Learn to love yourself unconditionally, accept every part of yourself and reconnect with yourself at the deepest level.

Expression & Union Meditation

After developing a better relationship with yourself, practice forming new relationships with your loved ones.

Chakras Sound Healing Meditation

Balance the chakras, let go of things that need to get out, eliminate emotional imbalance, achieve deep relaxation and uplift the spirit.

It’s Time To Glow Meditation

Connect with your crown chakra, awaken the queen within you and bring your light into the world!

Short Morning Meditation

Tune your brain to positive thinking as a default choice and invite positive experiences into your life.

Short Stress Relief Meditation

This meditation is a self-support journey that is especially recommended when you feel overwhelmed or stressed and can't stop the thoughts.

Short Love Vibration Meditation

Open your heart chakra! Raise your love vibrations, practice self-confidence and self-love and invite positive emotions into your life!

Short Self-Confidence Meditation

Value yourself and learn to speak to yourself with positive words that lift you up and support your healing journey.

Short Gratitude Meditation

Reclaim your fire, increase the feeling of love and safety in your body, and invite positive experiences into your life!

Mantras Sound Meditation

This is an active meditation of mantras chanting to free the soul, uplift the spirit, and strengthen inner balance and peace.

Daily Pranayama Practice

Powerful breathing techniques that you can effortlessly incorporate into your daily life that will improve your clarity, physical health, and mental state.

Relief Stress And Headaches

How can you relieve pain and increase your energy with breathing exercises? Learn some powerful breathing techniques that you can use on a daily basis, but also to prevent headaches and general aches and pains in the body, as well as to reduce stress and achieve inner balance.

Dynamic breathwork

This breathing practice is extremely helpful when you feel overwhelmed or stressed, or when you want to meditate but can't find your focus. An active meditation technique of breath and movement that you can also use as a morning practice to wake up and start the day with the right mindset.

Relaxation With A Mantra

Take a few minutes to simply relax! This is a guided Shavasana with a mantra to guarantee deep relaxation for your body, mind and soul.

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