Welcome to my deep healing meditation program Free To Heal!
This training is designed and created to be your right hand in healing yourself. This program is laid out in the form of long, deep healing meditations that can be considered a therapy session, as if you were going to a psychotherapist, and some short meditations that will help you maintain progress, change your perspective and the way your brain is wired now. This will not only allow you to maintain the progress of your self-healing, but also create a daily routine of meditation practice that will reconnect you to your higher self and improve every aspect of your life.
These deep healing meditations are yours for life! Each of the meditations, regardless of their length or theme, are recommended to be repeated whenever you feel the need. All videos are accompanied by a brief description of the path you would take with that meditation, so that you can choose the right guided meditation for you each day to get the best possible support, depending on how you feel. Of course, if you are currently dealing with trauma or post-trauma or chronic pain throughout the body, I recommend you to practice all the videos in sequence to find the source of everything and release it. I also invite you to share your situation with me and offer my help in 1:1 sessions to calm you down and support you. So always, feel free to contact me!


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