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The Althea Hammock

Original price was: €169.00.Current price is: €155.00.

A lifetime product in limited addition, designed with a deep understanding of the aerial art and self-healing methods.

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The Althea Swing is a self-healing tool that will provide you with optimal support on the path to complete independence of everything related to your physical health. Furthermore, the experience of being able to let go and be held by the Althea hammock, will also support you incredibly on an emotional level and help you to strengthen your body and soul hand in hand.

A 2*2 meter hammock with 6 resistance straps, 2 pillows and 2 fabric cradles that will take you on a deep journey to know your body and improve, free or strengthen any part of your body. With the support of this wonderful practical tool for home practice, you can enjoy deep stretches, work on your flexibility, improve your balance and strengthen your core by doing endless exercises in the air and on the floor, supported by the Althea Swing.
Whether you are a beginner, suffer from chronic pain, or already practice yoga, Pilates, dance, or other aerial sports or gymnastics, this fitness device will become your best friend.

* A branded carry bag.
* 2 Daisy Chains for outdoor and indoor training.
* Instructions for installation at home.
* Instructions for outdoor hanging.
* Inspirational videos.

Special deal – Add only 54-144€ and receive the Althea with full digital training – and free shipping! 

Check out my digital course “Free To Move” – a complete guide to exercise for health and pain relief using the Althea & aerial movement, breath work and yoga.
Or start with “Althea beginner“, a mini course focus on aerial movement alone + some bonuses 🙂

These courses are include with the Althea in it! So you can choose just the course you want, get instant access to the content and be sure that The Althea will be on its way to you very soon 🙂

If you have any questions- don’t hesitate to contact me or leave me a note in your order!

Q&A the althea

The Althea Aerial Yoga Swing for self-practice costs 169 euros. Included are inspirational video tutorials, a carry bag and two strong daisy chains for outdoor or indoor practice. When you buy the Althea, you also join an international community of people who, like you, are striving for a healthier life, which will give you greater support for your practice, in addition to the support you can always receive from me, of course.

This distinctive aerial yoga swing can keep up to 600 kg in motion.

The Althea is a high quality, extremely durable product that can stand by your side for years of intensive exercise. Whether you use it indoors, take it with you to practice outdoors or even travel the world with it, this long-lasting product will hold you safely for many years to come.

The Althea can be hung both outdoors and indoors. I always recommend installing the Althea at home first to ensure regular and daily exercise. Don’t worry, you’ll receive the necessary instructions and guidance on how to install and hang it. You will also get instructions on how to hang the Althea aerial swing for outdoor exercise.

The shipping costs within Europe are between 5-15 euros. Delivery anywhere else in the world will be around 15-35 euros, depending on the destination.

You can take part in live online classes with the Althea, privately or in a group, as well as face-to-face workshops in Vienna. Just click on “book a session” and choose the way that suits you best to get started. Additionally, you can purchase my digital course “Free To Move” which includes the Althea Swing alongside a comprehensive guided video playlist with all kinds of exercise possibilities with this wonderful tool so that you can learn your way with it, depending on your time and capacity. This will also help you to understand the full range of possible movements with it to profoundly support your body in any condition.

The Althea has been specially designed so that anyone in any condition and at any level can practise in the most comfortable way. The practice is therefore suitable for all levels.

The Althea Hammock
169.00 Original price was: € price is: €155.00.

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