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5 Practical Tips To Make You Feel Better

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Discover some powerful self-healing and self-care techniques to support your body and mind on the days when you really need it!

By Efi love light

A self-healing coach through traditional yoga, aerial movement, meditation and breathwork

Body & Mind Connection

You may not be aware of it yet, but your body is an incredible, sophisticated machine that has so much wisdom and knowledge in it that it can cope with almost any situation.
Most things the body does automatically without us having to pay attention. But sometimes we need to take a few steps to help the body do what it is already doing.
It is very important to remember that the body and the mind are connected. So when we feel sick, weak or in pain, it usually means that our soul is asking for something and the body will only express it if we don’t listen to it.

Tip 1 – How To Find The Source Of The Pain And Make It Go Away

As you probably already understand, in addition to physical treatment, we also need to cleanse our soul to ensure that the illness goes away and does not come back soon.

Intuitive writing is one of the most powerful techniques for stress relief and self-healing because it allows us to transfer thoughts and feelings from the body onto a piece of paper. It allows us to see things on the outside, on the paper, instead of getting lost in confusion or pain. This is the first step you should take when you feel ill or anxious. Start by letting it all go, analysing it if you want, understanding your soul and sending yourself some love. The trick is not to stop and think about what you want to write, but to let the words flow, even if they don’t make sense or don’t make a logical sentence.  Just don’t let the pen leave the paper. Let it all out without judgement. Your soul knows what it wants to say, allow it, let go.

Tip 2 – How To Support The Body To Make Its Natural Healing Processes

  • A small note on fever: When the body develops a fever, we should give it time and not try to lower it. The warmth in the body kills the viruses or the problem. Yes, we should be careful not to let the fever get too high, but if it does, there are also natural ways to bring it down a little yet keep it warm enough so the body can continue the AUTOMATIC process it is doing.
  • Drink lots of water: And when I say lots, I mean A LOT. Take a 1.5 litre bottle and keep refilling it. Drink so much that you have to go to the toilet all the time. This way you help your body wash out everything it needs to get rid of. It also helps the body maintain a “normal heat level”, a supportive body temperature that helps keep the fever under control.
  • Real rest is crucial: It is so important to really give your body time to heal and return to a normal state. When you are sick, your body devotes much more energy to fighting the problem and getting back into balance. So sleep as much as possible and give your body the time it needs to regenerate. When you are awake, make sure you get enough rest. No social media, nothing that stresses you out or makes you sad. Watch a movie that makes you smile, read a book that is comforting to you, or sit out in the fresh air. Your body’s systems are working so hard, don’t overload them.
  • Finally, if you want to make sure that the illness really goes away, don’t go back to your normal life routine too quickly. Even if you are already feeling a little better – give yourself another 1-3 days of rest to fully recover. This will ensure that the sickness disappears and does not get stuck.

Tip 3 – How To Give Your Body A Hand In The Process

  • Hot bath: If you have a bath, fill it with warm water (not too hot) and pour love into it. Stay in the water for at least 10 minutes if you can. Practice breathing a little, relax your body and your mind. The warm water can relieve a lot of tension you are feeling. The vapours of the warm bath help to open the airways and skin pores, which helps the body to expel what does not need to stay.
    As water is one of the strongest elements, you can also charge the water with healing energy, with love and good intentions, and then absorb it into your skin. You can hold your hands over the water before you go in, or when you are already in the water, and say a few blessings. You can say this mantra: “I charge the water with healing energy. I allow myself to heal”, or simply say words of good energy, such as “love, healing, balance”.
    Important note: If you have a fever – wait until the fever has gone down or fill the bath with water at room temperature.
  • Take as much vitamin C as possible: Vitamin C capsules are best because they ensure a high amount of the vitamin, but you can also eat oranges, tangerines, mango, pineapple, beetroot or papaya, all of which are very rich in vitamin C.
    If you are taking capsules, you can take up to 6 a day, depending on how you are feeling – if you are really sick, take more, if you are feeling better, take less. However, even if you are already feeling better, take one capsule to help the body in the first days.
  • Take natural antibacterial: Capsules with curcumin, papaya seeds or garlic – as well as fresh ones – are most effective in case of infections or fever. This is just like taking antibiotics, only without weakening the immune system, but the opposite- it strengthens it naturally and gives the body everything it needs to carry on.

Tip 4 – How To Give Your Soul A Hand In The Process

Love and support can be key: If you can, make sure you have someone close by who can give you some love and support when you’re feeling down. Talk about it, ask for it. You deserve it! And if you really don’t have anyone close to you, you can give yourself the love you need, which will have the strongest effect, or you can always use this love spell exercise:
Write down 3-5 people you really appreciate in your life and why, and send them a message telling them so.
The reactions will surprise you! You will be filled with love, and you will get love back, which will dramatically improve your discomfort. This is a great way to boost your energy in general, but especially when you are really in pain and need to hear how great you are.
This is a win-win practice where all sides are happy. I’m sure you’ll agree after you try it 🙂

Tip 5 – How To Speed Up The Healing Process

Soft stretches : When we practice stretches, we stimulate blood circulation, which also helps the healing process in our body. It also relieves muscle pain that occurs during illness and releases tension throughout the body. It is important to do the right exercises for this time and not to tense up or strain. For this purpose, I have prepared for you a session that is especially suitable for the time of illness. You can practice it even with a fever, just make sure you listen to your body and rest whenever you need to. There is no rush or place you need to be 🙂 it’s all about BEING with your body, helping you and your body to heal.


A Short Video Of Soft Movement To Relief Pain

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