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Holistic Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sound healing, atari oils treatments and more

Alexandra Okunakol and I first met when she came to one of my first workshops with The Althea in Vienna in 2019. She fell in love with the Althea movement and we both felt a strong connection. We sat down for a coffee and she told me that she is a physiotherapist and thinks that The Althea can be a great addition to her treatments. We then decided to work together to support her and my clients in the best possible way. In the fall of 2021, Alexandra found a new location for her clinic, including an additional room suitable for an aerial workshops with the Althea. 10.3.2021 was the opening day of this community centre where we offer many treatments, therapies and sessions, all aimed at guiding you to a better and healthier life in the most natural, holistic and personal way.

The BeHolistic team has made it its mission to enable all patients who cross their threshold to live a pain-free life by taking a holistic approach. Physiotherapy and movement therapy form the basis of our services, which we enhance with various complementary methods such as the Althea Movement (influenced by Aerial Yoga and anti gravity therapy), aromatherapy, manual therapy and Hooktherapy, light and frequency therapy, PEMF technology, crystal therapy, various types of massages and much more. These unique and personalised formulas will help you address the root cause of the problem, improve it and heal it. Visit our community homepage to find out more!

Alternative streetwear fashion, festival clothing
Wearable art, collaboration project

In 2018, I met my husband in Pushkar, India, when he was there designing his first small clothing collection.
He shared his vision with me and I was more than excited to team up with him and spread this project as wide as possible all over the world!
Avanyah is a collective, creative project that brings together artists from different backgrounds and cultures, from all around the globe, to co-create and support each other in accessing art and vision of unity and creativity into the world.

Since 2019, we have grown and started to produce our clothing collections in Indonesia, in a small factory in Bali. There we also work with several local printers, all of which are small, family-run businesses with very talented people.

The designs for the garments are made by us, with the help of our lovely customers who are constantly asking and suggesting what they would like to wear.
Many of our garments are printed with artwork from artists around the world, and the artists are given a stage on our friends page for their story, art, and other creations.
My major journey with Avanyah, and the deepest connection I feel with this project, happens during the summer season when we travel between European psytrance and techno festivals and share our clothing with the people.
Our store at the Festival Markets is a place where we can create connections, engage in conversations, share love and even support people from around the world when needed. These festival tours bring us together every summer, making us stronger and helping us spread the light and spirit of love and collaboration to the world. Furthermore, teaming up with this wonderful project allows me to reach many more people from all over the world and give them the opportunity to try out the movement with the Althea, which hangs in our shop at these psytrance festivals, and offer them some relaxation after a night of dancing or many hours on the dance floor.

More on our beautiful collaboration you can see here

Join my movement - Let's collaborate!

Are you a yoga teacher, studio owner or retreat centre and would you like to work with me in the future? As a travelling teacher who believes in the path of collaboration and mutual support to achieve a common goal, I have made great efforts to guide and work with professionals from different cultures, countries and backgrounds over the past 5 years. I believe that we MUST work together to spread the light and knowledge of healing as widely as possible. Thanks to this collaboration spirit, I was able to lead my first retreat in Bulgaria in 2021, teach at various events and festivals in Portugal, Spain and Greece, and conduct workshops for tourists all over India. Contact me today and let's find a way to grow together and increase the light in the world!

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