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Welcome to my free training - Free To Be You, to discover the power of self-healing and find the freedom to be YOU! This powerful free training is yours for 12 months long- use it wisely and as often as you need it! It will help you to reduce stress, better understand and connect with yourself, relieve pain and emotional imbalance and generally optimise your living and invite positive change into your life. Don't wait any longer - open the door to self-healing!



Welcome to my deep healing meditation programme, Free To Heal! Learn how to accept yourself, heal your emotional and physical pain, release traumas and blockages, gain inner balance, and most importantly, create a routine of meditation practice that allows you to continually support your growth and strengthen your soul. The programme includes long, deep healing meditations as well as short meditations to help you heal, release and maintain progress, and shift your perspective.



Welcome to Free To Move! This is a digitally recorded training that aims to heal your body through correct and supported movement and creating a daily movement routine that supports you and strengthens you over time. This online movement course includes with the Althea Hammock, so you can build a daily routine of yoga and aerial movement, keep your body active and your mind inspired. Furthermore, this pre-recorded course also includes meditations, breathing exercises and a a few more tricks :)



Welcome to Free To Live! A self-healing coaching course with pre-recorded classes, one-to-one mentoring calls and group support. This digital mentoring includes the Althea hammock and a playlist of short videos of yoga classes, guided aerial classes, pranayama exercises, meditation techniques, Ayurveda and natural healing tips. All with 12 months long access! learn how to heal, strengthen and balance all of your body's systems.



Welcome to Althea Beginner course! A digital recorded program to help you establish a daily aerial practice with The Althea and better comprehend the range of exercises with it! This programme included with the Althea swing, so you can create a daily routine of aerial movement to support your body each day with the help of the Althea. This course also includes bonuses of meditation exercises, breathing techniques and a few more surprises :)



This special digital mini yoga course offers you the best bits of motivation in the form of short guided hatha yoga classes focusing on different topics.
You can easily fit these short yoga videos into a brief daily exercise routine, or even combine them into a longer class that you can recreate over and over again on days when you have more time.
In other words: you are all set with your yoga daily practice!

A word from Efi...

I truly believe in self-healing…
In the connection between the body, the soul, and the mind. I believe that we can heal and treat any pain or discomfort if we are aware of the origin of the problem and treat it properly and continuously.

I am here to share with you those gifts!
Every person and especially every woman in this world should know what I am about to share with you here, and I truly believe that it will change your life for the better in a miraculous way! I care about you, and I am with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!
So please feel free to contact me for questions, sharing, requests, or just to share the love :)
Love & Light
Efi :)

Q&A Digital Trainings

Yes! While most of my digital courses are self-learning, meaning you have a recorded playlist that you can use whenever you have time and according to how you feel each day, you also have my support via WhatsApp or email for any questions along the way.

Yes! The content in the program is available to you at each time of the day, for unlimited time.

You will get access to the content for a life-time, in order to help you achieve and maintain a routine of practice that benefits you.

No, You don’t need to have any former experience before joining online courses with me! it is absolutely fit for all levels, moreover, you can adjust the practice to your level and your progress, and grow with it independently.

You can pay for your purchases of all of my online services by Bank transfer or Credit card.

There is a variety of digital coaching and training with me! Just visit this link and choose the one that suits you best!

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