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Meet Efi, a passionate and dedicated yoga instructor whose journey is woven with mindfulness, strength, and the art of holistic well-being and self-healing.

"Do not be afraid of who you are called to become"

International Yoga teacher, Aerial Movement Instructor, Online Guidance, Personal Coach

Hi, I am Efi 🙂 I am a self-healing personal coach through traditional Hatha yoga, different types of meditations, mantras and breathwork, and above all – aerial movement with the Althea – my exclusive design of aerial swing. 
I am a travelling teacher – I teach and lead events and workshops in different countries, so far in Bulgaria, Austria, India, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Albania and Switzerland. I also teach online yoga classes and created a digital studio for my international community – with digital mentoring and coaching programs of complete self-healing, stress relief, pain relief. 

Hatha yoga, Yoga therapy, Aerial therapy Ayurveda, Meditation, Pranayama

I completed a three-year theatre degree in Jerusalem, Israel, which includes voice training, acting, movement and writing.

In 2016, during my own healing process, I was part of the team that developed the aerial movement method to treat pain, especially back problems, but not only. We held workshops and “safe zones” at festivals and events in Israel. In early 2019, I also completed a 200-hour intensive yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, the yoga capital of the world, in a traditional school. There I practised and learned pranayama, asanas, various meditation techniques and mantra chanting.

I studied anatomy and Ayurveda, nutrition, yoga philosophy and yoga therapy. In 2020-2021, I continued my training online with my yoga school in Rishikesh and completed over 100 hours of advanced teacher-only classes. In 2021-2022, I completed a 6-month online yoga business course, which eventually led to me developing my online courses for the first time and being able to reach and support more people on their path to self-healing and self-realisation.

My Journey

From an injured young woman to a strong, international movement teacher

Due to a spinal injury, I suffered from chronic pain throughout my body on a daily basis. After years of trying so many treatments, therapies, physiotherapy, medications and painkillers, training with the support of The Althea was the first treatment that helped me and allowed me to continue training, build a daily exercise routine and thereby relieve the pain until it disappeared. I was part of the team that developed Aerial Movement as a pain therapy. After healing myself, I was so amazed that not enough people in the world knew about this kind of healing through self-treatment with support. As a result, at the beginning of 2017, I started my journey to share this knowledge with the whole world.

Travelling Teacher

Spreading worldwide the knowledge of self-healing with yoga practice and the Althea movement

I first reached India at the end of 2017 and travelled there for 9 months. During this time I participated in music and volunteer projects in Rajasthan and Rishikesh. I shared my knowledge of aerial movements for self-healing with the Althea and conducted workshops on a donation basis for tourists and travellers from all over the world. From mid-2018, I started to build my home in Vienna. While maintaining my visits to India, I began to build my community of clients in Europe and online by offering Hatha yoga classes, mantra chanting and aerial movement workshops. In 2019, for the first time, I have developed my own version of this wonderful tool, the Althea swing, with additional cushions and fabric cradles to support people with even more severe pain to move in the most comfortable and supportive way. I began to spread the Althea into the homes of many wonderful souls who began to practice on their own with my online support and free video tutorials. In 2021 I had the privilege of holding my first retreat in Bulgaria, with 5 days of Aerial Movement, Hatha Yoga, various meditations, mantra chanting and lots of beautiful nature.

International Community

Supportive network – You are never alone!

Over the past 5 years I have reached 19 countries with The Althea and the community has grown. The idea of the community is to create a movement for healthier living, across countries and borders. I continue to support the community with online courses and travel workshops in Europe and India. You are welcome to join the community, even if you don’t have The Althea yet, and receive inspiration for your yoga practice, diet and special invitations for upcoming events.

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