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Welcome to my digital mini course Althea Beginner!

In this digital aerial course you will learn establish a daily practice with The Althea and better comprehend the range of exercises with it!

You will learn to connect with your body and yourself at the deepest level. You will understand how to support and treat specific aches and symptoms using the movement with the support of The Althea. You will receive inspiration in building a daily exercise routine, that will strengthen your whole body. You will become independent with your aerial yoga practice or any aerial art you would like to do with the Althea swing. This training includes The Althea hammock, Guided Aerial movement pre-recorded classes, breathing exercises and some meditations that will deeply support you and help you to move freely as you wish and feel comfortable with your body and your Althea practice. Get ready for life without pain, limitations, or lack of practice inspiration 🙂

♥ The Althea Hammock
♥ Over 70 minutes of recorded aerial yoga classes in different themes for 12 months.
♥ 30% discount for full length live online classes (group/private)

How the program will roll out?

Module 1 – Learn to relieve pain with movement and breath
Module 2 – Strengthen your body where it needs it, in a way that supports it.
Module 3 – Gain balance and harmonise with your body and mind.

All of this, along with bonuses and surprises, will help you start your way with the Althea movement practice, that will make you independent and deeply in love with your body.

I am right here with you if you have any question!



Introduction To The Althea Movement

Now that you are in possession of the Althea, you can enter a new world of self-healing possibilities!
It's time for you to discover this secret - the ultimate path to constant self-healing and support, for any pain or body condition, any goal or level.

Back Pain Release

When your back hurts - this should be your exercise! Don't worry, these exercises are highly recommended when you are in pain. They help your muscles and nervous system relax and stimulate blood circulation to promote the natural healing process and give you relief.

Knees & Hips Care

This exercise is recommended if you experience tension or pain in your knees or hips. However, it is also a wonderful daily exercise that can move most of the body, improve blood circulation and increase flexibility throughout the body.

Improve Flexibility

If you are not yet flexible - this practice will help you become so! If you are already flexible, or even a yoga addict, this practice will help you practice yoga asanas in the best alignment and improve your flexibilty with support.

3 Ways Of Upside Downs

A collection of some inversion postures with the Althea from which you can choose the ones you want to practise every day, or practise them all at once 🙂

Aerial Yoga Class

An aerial flow that combines the best yoga asanas with the complete support of the Althea, which may make it easier or more challenging, depends on how you look at it and on which day you try it 🙂

Relaxation In The Hammock

Take a few minutes to simply relax! This is a guided Shavasana with a mantra to guarantee deep relaxation for your body, mind and soul.

Gratitude & Love Magic

This practice is great as a daily exercise to help you reclaim your fire, increase the feeling of love and safety in your body, and invite positive experiences into your life! In addition, this practice will help you feel the love energy within you and all around you!

Breathwork For Migraines

This soft practice will help you get rid of headaches and boost your energy.

A word from Efi...

I truly believe in self-healing…
In the connection between the body, the soul, and the mind. I believe that we can heal and treat any pain or discomfort if we are aware of the origin of the problem and treat it properly and continuously.

I am here to share with you those gifts!
Every person and especially every woman in this world should know what I am about to share with you here, and I truly believe that it will change your life for the better in a miraculous way! I care about you, and I am with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!
So please feel free to contact me for questions, sharing, requests, or just to share the love 🙂
Love & Light
Efi 🙂

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