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Free To Heal Course

Original price was: €199.00.Current price is: €99.00.

A digital Guided Meditation Coaching that will serve as your right hand in self-healing.

Over 350 minutes of self-therapy sessions in a form of themed guided meditations that will help you dive deeper and heal, by yourself and in your own time – one part at a time.

You have me with you along the way – so feel free to contact me with any question or sharing!


A digital guided meditation training designed and created to be your right hand in self-healing. This recorded program with lifetime access is structured in the form of long, deep healing meditations as well as short meditations in different themes, that will help you release trauma and pains, and establish a daily meditation practice, even if you have a busy schedule.
Practice these meditations whenever you need them and they will not only help you maintain progress in your self-healing, but also will change your perspective and the way your mind is tuned now, reconnect you to your higher self, and improve every aspect of your life.

♥ Over 350 minutes of recorded videos with profound meditations of deep healing processes, self-growth and mindfulness methods for lifelong use.
♥ 3 personal online sessions of 30m each – follow up and practical training.
♥ 30% discount on purchase of a class pass for full length live online classes (group/private)

Free To Heal Course
199.00 Original price was: € price is: €99.00.

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