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Welcome to my digital guided yoga course “Yoga Daily”!

This amazing online yoga course is perfect both for beginners and yoga enthusiasts who want to begin a daily yoga practice but don’t know where to start, or wish to keep the practice daily but prefer to have the guidance.
This special digital mini yoga course offers you the best bits of motivation in the form of short guided hatha yoga classes focusing on different topics.

Get ready for a whole new way of practising your yoga! This course is made up of short, 5-50 minute videos on all kinds of topics, so you can fit your practice into your daily routine, and according to how you feel each day. You can choose to practise for just 5 minutes or go all-out and combine a few videos to create a longer class. Whatever you choose, you’ll be training and practising yoga every day without losing inspiration or repeating yourself. With personal guidance to make sure your alignment is right and constant reminders to breathe, you’ll be on the path to a happier, healthier life.

In other words: you are all set with your yoga practice at home, you will never “get stuck” with the practice again!

♥ Over 160 minutes of short pre-recorded sessions: Guided yoga classes, Pranayama practices & Guided meditations – All for self-study in your own time &  available for 12 months. 
♥ 30% discount for additional online private sessions if you wish to have extra support.

I am right here with you if you have any question!



Relief Back Pain

If you woke up today with a stiff back or have had it for a while, this exercise is for you! This exercises includes stretches and relaxation yoga positions that help relieve upper and lower back pain, as well as spinal misalignments in general. Don't worry, these yoga postures and movements are RECOMMENDED as back pain relief positions and yoga therapy for back soreness.

Hips Care

This exercise is recommended if you suffer from tension or pain in your hips. However, it is also a wonderful daily exercise that can move most of the body, improve blood circulation and increase flexibility in the joints and throughout the body. It is a great exercise for the morning as it is a soft movement that wakes up the body.

Improve Your Flexibility

If you are not yet flexible - this will help you to become so! If you're already flexible, or even a yoga enthusiast, then this practice will help you master yoga asanas and support your body when you're sore. Just practice to the best of your ability according to TODAY and let your breath flow in each pose or when moving between poses.

Strengthen Your Body

If you're feeling energised and strong today and want to use that energy to strengthen your upper body or even get into fitness and shed a few kilos - then this flow is for you today!

Grounding Practice

This exercise will help you to ground yourself, feel safe, stable and relaxed. This proven stress relief exercise will not only help you to reduce stress and anxiety, but also to achieve emotional stability and balance by practising specific yoga grounding asanas and, of course, breathing.

Balancing Practice

If you feel full of energy and strength today, or if you feel confused, unfocussed or restless inside, then this exercise is exactly what you need!
It is a sequence of balancing postures that not only strengthen your body and help you maintain your fitness and vitality, but also support your soul to deepen your connection to the earth and enhance the sensation of your inner centre.

Guided Shavasana With A Mantra

Take a few minutes to simply relax! This is a guided Shavasana with a mantra to guarantee deep relaxation for your body, mind and soul.

Online recorded hatha yoga sessions with efilovelight

Live Recorded Yoga Class (50m)

A full-length Hatha yoga class that is all about grounding yourself, learning to let your breath guide your movements, releasing pain and connecting deeply with your body in each posture, as well as in the transitions between them. So if you have a bit more time today – dedicate the next hour for yourself, and hit the play 🙂
Enjoy your practice!

Pranayama & Yoga

This breathing practice is extremely helpful when you feel overwhelmed or stressed, or when you want to meditate but can't find your focus. An active meditation technique of breath and movement that you can also use as a morning practice to wake up and start the day with the right mindset.

Gratitude Drill & Love Magic

This practice is great as a daily exercise to help you reclaim your fire, increase the feeling of love and safety in your body, and invite positive experiences into your life! In addition, this practice will help you feel the love energy within you and all around you!

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